Top 5 Movie end-credits songs

Good movies have great openings, that immediately grip your attention and draw you into their worlds. But great movies follow that up with a really good closing credits song that just makes the whole experience feel fantastic.

Hell, you might even sit there in the cinema and watch those end credits for the duration of the song!

I thought I might just quickly put up my 5 favorite movie end-credit songs, in no particular order. Lets see if you guys agree, or if you have some suggestions of your own.

Unforgiven – Claudia’s Theme

This was the one that kick-started this post. Every time I hear this song, I start bawling. It’s just such a poignant end to such a great movie.

Sidenote: Clint Eastwood composed this song himself!

Fight Club – Where is My Mind

So you’ve reach the end of a wildly enjoyable movie, and you’ve figured out that clever twist in the story. How do you celebrate a crazy person?

With this highly appropriate Pixies song, of course!

Honestly, there is no song more suitable to end this movie with.

The Last Boy Scout – Moody River

This is one of my favorite movies, but the reason I’m putting this up is because it’s such a weird and random song to put up at the end of such a violent movie! You’ve just seen Bruce Willis shoot a whole bunch of people, and he’s even dropped one guy into a helicopter’s spinning rotor blades. So how do you follow that up?

With Pat Boone, a 50s era clean-cut musician with good old fashioned values.

Top Gun – You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

Strangely enough, my wifey hates it when I serenade her with this song. Nevertheless, it makes for such a great way to end this classic movie.

It has the slo-mo shots of all your favorite characters smiling and showing off their really masculine muscles in a totally-not-homosexual-at-all manner, and then there’s that shot of the two F14s dancing into the sunset.

Maybe if I looked like this, my wife would love it when I serenade her with You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

The Breakfast Club – Don’t You Forget About Me

This is probably the defining teen movie of the 80s, and the song is just great. I mean, it’s so interconnected with the movie now that you can’t think of one without the other.

Update: I just realized that I unintentionally included two Tony Scott films (Top Gun and Last Boy Scout). I only found out this morning that Tony Scott had committed suicide a couple of days ago. RIP Tony Scott, I’ll miss your movies.


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