Eyes on Me – a classic yet nonsensical song

I never really completed Final Fantasy VIII, although I tried a couple of times. A faulty memory card forced me to restart the game a couple of times, so I did the only sane thing to do and tore the PS2 apart with my teeth. Well, I wish I did, but I merely left it alone until it was time to return it to my sister’s friend.

Final Fantasy VIII

While FFVIII wasn’t as ground-breakingly popular as FFVII, it did spawn a theme song that is really quite a good song. I’ve hummed along to this song many a time, but I could never figure out a few of the lyrics and thus never sang along. Lyrics have never been my strong point anyway, so I just let it go.

Last night, it popped up on my playlist and wifey said that she also couldn’t make out the lyrics, so we looked it up. Guess what?

We couldn’t figure out the lyrics because they’re completely illogical.

Seriously, these lyrics are written in the same type of incoherent Japlish as the product manuals that I’m paid to turn into press releases. Here are some key lines:

Whenever sang my song / On the stage, on my own.

Shall I be the one for you / who pinches you softly, but sure?

I feel a lot better now knowing that it’s not my fault that I’m unable to figure out the lyrics. The song still kicks ass of course… it’s just incomprehensible.

I wonder how Faye Wong feels when she has to sing those lyrics, because I’m sure she has a better grasp of English than that.


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2 responses to “Eyes on Me – a classic yet nonsensical song

  • todayiwatchedamovie

    Eyes On Me is a song Rinoa’s mother (the singer in the bar during the flashback sequences) wrote about Laguna (Squall’s dad)…it’s about how she loved him and wished he’d talk to her…but he was too shy.

    • drewpan

      Hahaha I got that part of it, but a few of the lyrics really sounded like Japlish to me. “Whenever sang my song” always sounded like it should be “I never sang my song” or something.

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