WALL-E and EVE redesigned to be more hardcore

WALL-E and EVE are just about two of the cutest robots ever designed, but what if Pixar had made them bad-assed?

WALL-E and EVE, with a Michael Bay touch

Rafael Benedicto has re-envisioned these two characters to be a bit more aggressive, with WALL-E looking like a Hunter-Killer from the Terminator movies, and EVE looks like something out of Mass Effect. Check them out!

I don’t really like the new arms though…

EVE with legs.

After browsing his deviantART page, I realized that this was the same guy that did the cool Iron Maiden render a while back. He seems to have quite a bit of skill when it comes to rendering robots!

In case you haven’t seen it before, here it is:

Hope that hair doesn’t get caught in a joint or a repulsor blast.

Source: GeekTyrant and deviantART


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