Mama is terrifying

The latest movie to be presented by Guillermo Del Toro is again, creepy as hell. Two feral little girls are rescued from the wilderness, and it sounds like a psychological tale of dysfunctional kids trying to blend back into society… but that’s not how movies pan out when it has Del Toro’s name attached to it.

At least it’s probably not a Creepy Little Girl movie. I can’t stand that shit! It freaks me out!

Check out the trailer.

This movie is based off a Spanish short film by Andres Muschietti, and it’s good that they got the original director to step up his game and put his vision out on the big screen. Nothing sucks more than a good idea being bought out by Hollywood and then thrust into the hands of a director like the Underworld guy.

Here’s the original short film… and yes, Lily’s a real bitch, isn’t she?

PS On a completely unrelated note, I had a dream this morning where I was Sam from Supernatural, and Dean and I had just finished off some ghost girl. Then I looked out the door, and freakin’ Slender Man was just standing there. I was frozen in terror, and woke up muttering “Dean!!!”


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