In Bollywood, guns don’t need bullets

A while ago, I saw a hilarious movie poster while driving past a cinema that specializes in Bollywood movies. It was like any other Hollywood movie poster, except the protagonist was Indian, and there also a matter of a gigantic goof with the gun. Check it out:

I’m fairly certain that this gun isn’t loaded

Okay, maybe there is one round already chambered in the rifle, but really? I know Hollywood movies tend to feature guns that shoot 4000 rounds out of a 30-round magazine, but at least there’s a magical magazine slapped in. This gun doesn’t even have a mag in place.

Pro-tip: When shooting a gun outside of a Bollywood movie, make sure you put some bullets in it first.

Anyway, I have no idea what the movie’s about, but it looks like the Bollywood version of Scarface or Godfather Part 2. Could be fun, but not really my cup of tea. Here’s the trailer:


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