That’s one silly Robocop suit

So the Internet is just pretty much abuzz with the reveal of the new suit in the Robocop remake.

If you haven’t seen it already, it looks like this:

The new suit from the Robocop remake

Essentially, it’s the bat-suit, minus the cape, utility belt, and ears… and a Michael Jackson “one-glove” look.

Now, this is just a shot from the set, so maybe they’re going to CGI the hell out of that thing in post, or maybe it’s just an early-version of the suit (like the Iron Giant version of the Iron Man suit), so you can’t really assume that this is what the final product looks like.

But still, it’s one ugly version, and it doesn’t look like a cyborg suit at all. It’s kinda too flexible for that. Maybe he’s not even a cyborg at this point, and this is what regular cops in Detroit wear in the future. If that’s the case, I hope there’s an easy access zipper somewhere there cos it’s going to be hard to pee in that thing.

Actually, what if this isn’t even the Robocop suit at all? It’s just Alex Murphy wearing an expensive spelunking suit.


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