A working replica Akira bike

The first anime I ever saw was the famous Akira, and obviously as a kid, the big thing I remember from that was how awesome Kaneda’s bike was.

The other thing that made an impact, was of course Kaori’s naked anime breasts when they ripped her shirt off for no apparent reason, but that’s irrelevant.

Akira bike

Two awesome toys every kid wanted: that bike, and that giant laser cannon.


Anyway, a guy named Masashi Teshima has dropped about $120k and 7 years of his life to make this dream come true, and he’s built himself a replica of Kaneda’s bike. It doesn’t just look like it, but it works too and he’ll be riding across Japan to raise money for charity.

Vroom vroom!

It’s awesome, and it’s definitely worth the 7 years and $120k! Click on the link below for more pics and videos of the bike in action!

Source: Geekologie


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