Killer Joe – aka Matthew McConnaughey not getting naked for once

At this point in his career, I thought all Matthew McConnaughey wants to do is pretty much get his shirt off in front of a camera. The last movie I saw with him was Magic Mike, and the one before that was an atrociously bad film called Surfer Dude, which my wife insisted on picking up because she loves surfing and McConnaughey was shirtless on the cover.

Guess what? He’s topless in pretty much 90% of the movie too.

Anyway, here’s a trailer for a movie where McConnaughey doesn’t seem to get naked. Instead, he gets pretty intense, and this looks like it might be a career-performance for him, and I know I actually want to watch this.

It’s directed by William Friedkin, whose name is me is synonymous with The Exorcist, and pretty much only the Exorcist. He could’ve directed a million rap videos and rom-coms between The Exorcist and Killer Joe, and I wouldn’t have realized it.

It also stars Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple and Thomas Haden Church, who I think is totally the bomb ever since that sitcom Ned and Stacey.


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