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Play Borderlands when you’re out and about in the borderlands

For those of you who just can’t help but collect whacky guns and shoot guys in masks all day long, now you can outside the comfort of your cave!

Borderlands Legends has just come out on iOS, so you can shoot things on your iPhone or iPad. Look for it in the App Store!


Singapore Chinese Girls School comes out on top at the 2012 NBA 2K Ultimate B-Ball competition

Last year, 2K Asia started the NBA 2K Ultimate B-Ball competition for Singapore schools, and this year the competition ballooned in size as there were twice as many school entered, for a total of 27 schools.

The winners this year were from Singapore Chinese Girls School, and the team consisted of Woon Wei Jing, Chloe Alphonso, Charmaine Koh, Ong Li Ping, Bernice Yeo, Ceres Suwe and Rachel Mok. They beat out other schools like Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road) and New Town Secondary School.

Inter-school basketball is more fun with $10,000 on the line

The competition consists of three events:

  1. Five-on-five full court basketball
  2. One-on-one NBA 2K13 quick-match
  3. Team cheerleading

The winner is decided by an overall score accumulated by competing in the three events, and the SCGS girls won with 87 points and took back a whopping S$10,000 of prize money for their school!

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, if you think about it. Who says videogames and sports aren’t good activities for students?

That little girl has a bit of Freddie Mercury in her

The new Black Ops 2 trailer ROCKS!

Say what you will about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game, but this trailer by Guy Ritchie is absolutely rocking! It’s funny, it’s got a good concept, and did you see those cameos by Robert Downey Jr and Dimitri from FPSrussia?

Black Ops 2 is just around the corner!

A Mortal Kombat kosplay moment

This week’s Fappy Friday is brought to you by a whole bunch of Mortal Kombat Kosplayers!

Here’s a really cute Sonya that doesn’t need cleavage to capture your attention

… but a little bit of cleavage can’t hurt either, right? Continue reading

What XCOM’s success suggests about today’s gameplay trends

If you haven’t already heard, XCOM has quite a shot to be the game of the year. Look at it’s Metacritic score: it’s sitting happily at 89 right now. It’s fun and addictive beyond belief, and I haven’t been as enthralled by a game since Batman Arkham Asylum a couple of years ago.

You will believe that a turn-based strategy game can be fun!

But the success of XCOM says a lot more than that to me. This is a remake of a game that originally came out in 1994, using a style of gameplay that has since been decided by many modern gaming studios to be antiquated and obsolete. Because if the modern gamer barely has the attention span for twitch shooters like Call of Duty and Halo, do they really want to sit down and play a turn-based strategy game?

There were other sequels and planned remakes of this game, and all of them used different genres like FPS, flight-sims and third-person shooters to try to bring the classic series to the modern gamer. None of these other games came close to doing as well as the original or this recent remake. In fact, most of them tanked.

It looks outdated, but apparently the gameplay isn’t!

Why did this XCOM remake do so well then? In my humble opinion, it’s because it was a faithful remake of the beloved original, with changes that streamlined the gameplay rather than trying to “spruce it up” like a modern shooter. The graphics were nicer, but it played a lot like the original. Remember the old saying:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So maybe, just maybe, the major studios are WRONG when they think that old-school styles of gameplay no longer have a place in modern games. Maybe gamers do want more than yet another Assassin’s Creed or Modern Warfare. I like those games too, but I sure do miss the games I loved from the 80s and 90s.

Honestly speaking, I’d like to see more faithful remakes or spiritual successors like XCOM made, because other retro games like Eye of the Beholder (which had a recent somewhat spiritual remake in the form of Legend of Grimrock), Flashback, and the classic Sierra point-and-click adventures are also as fun to play today as they were back in the day. In fact, I still play them using DOSbox when I have time.

Anyone remember Eye of the Beholder?

PS Look at how much more awesome the recent 2D-oriented Sonic Generations is compared to the 3D incarnations! And also bear in mind that the recent Syndicate re-imagining that turned a classic strategy game into a first-person shooter did not do that well, even with spiffy graphics and a dubstep soundtrack.

Looking forward to Halo 4?

More Master Chief action is just around the corner!

An idea for a Halo 4 minigame, perhaps?

First Person Mario

Remember when they turned Syndicate into a first-person shooter? And then they wanted to turn XCOM into a first-person shooter as well?

Now that YouTube filmmaking genius Freddie Wong has made a video that shows what Mario would look like as a first-person shooter! Check it out, it’s just way too awesome!

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