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Ridiculously awesome Diablo 3 cosplay

Asians take their cosplay pretty seriously, so I really shouldn’t be too surprised at how awesome these Diablo 3-inspired outfits are… but I still am.

Check out these two outfits of a Demon Hunter and a Monk, and head to the source for even more pictures.

Thanks for the link, Alvin!

Source: Spiral Cats

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Diablo + Maths = Singaporean test paper

Someone sent me this link with a picture of a question that allegedly appeared in a test paper… and it’s just like WOW.

Can you work out the answer?

Seriously, is that making kids enjoy maths more, or is that considered blatant product placement?

Source: Hardwarezone

How to balance Diablo and your relationship

A friend of mine sent out this picture today… I think it’s a pretty legit solution!

At any rate, it sure beats this DoTA picture!

Who says Diablo kills romances?

Diablo Innuendo

Here’s a weapon in Diablo 3 that could earn it a much higher ESRB rating!

27.2% chance to cause bleeding indeed!

I see what you did there!

If Diablo 3 was a girl

This is hilarious, because it’s so true!

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