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PMS – the horror movie!

Back in university, I made a sci-fi / kungfu movie about military-created PMS warriors. Surprise surprise, it didn’t go over that well and I was blacklisted by my lecturer for the next 3 years that I was there.

However, it seems I’m not the only person in the world to tackle the topic of PMS, so check out this hilarious trailer for a horror film from the guys at Film Riot!


Hilarious Twilight lipsynch video

“You slapped a fish!”

That’s the kind of hilarity you’re going to find when you watch this video where some people dub over Twilight in a way that the new dialogue matches the lipsynch perfectly!

Expect to see discussions about cake, how Bella spits on her brother Kevin, and basically things that are a million times more interesting than the original dialogue.

More Plants vs Zombies action coming in 2013

While it’s not surprising that the smash-hit Plants vs Zombies is getting a sequel, I do find it surprising that they’ve taken this long to get around to it.

Anyway, details are pretty sparse and the only real piece of info is that it will come out in Spring 2013.

In the meantime, check out this hilarious video by The Pixel Kingdom that mashes Pokemon with Plants vs Zombies.

Sources: The Pixel Kingdom and Joystiq

Glued – a funny animation about a mother and her gamer kid

Here’s a cute video about a mother who gets insanely frustrated that her gamer kid won’t go out and play in the sun.

I wonder if my mom ever felt this way about my gaming. Maybe not, but my wife definitely does!

Not bad for a bunch of 3rd year animation students! For more info, check out their blog here.

Awesome Game of Throne impersonations

If you’re among the millions of people who have been devotedly downloading episodes of Game of Thrones at HBO’s expense, then you’re going to enjoy this guy’s impersonations of all the characters.

Make sure you watch him all the way to his Jorah impersonations, cos that’s when it all goes really random and hilarious!

The video EA does not want you to watch!

If you’re only going to watch one funny and kinda educational short video today, it really should be this one.

I’m sure this was made by a very angry person, cos look at all the writing and effort put into it! The animation could do with some work, but wow it’s one polished product!

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