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Awesome Game of Throne impersonations

If you’re among the millions of people who have been devotedly downloading episodes of Game of Thrones at HBO’s expense, then you’re going to enjoy this guy’s impersonations of all the characters.

Make sure you watch him all the way to his Jorah impersonations, cos that’s when it all goes really random and hilarious!


A Daenerys Targaryen moment

So we just finished watching the second season of Game of Thrones, and I’m still trying to decide whether I like Daenerys as a character or not.

I think I do because she does display strength and courage, but she sometimes acts a little bit bratty and self-entitled… and that bugs me a little. Not as much as Joffery and Cersei bugs me, but still…

Anyway, check out five interesting facts about her. One of them is fake… can you figure out which one?

Did you know…

  • Despite walking around and living in a desert environment for most of the show, Daenerys never seems to get a tan – much like Bella from Twilight. Of course, she is also immune to fire and can walk through a blaze unharmed – lucky for us, Bella has no such powers and is really quite flammable.
  • Emilia Clarke was not the first choice to play Daenerys. The character was initially played by Tamzin Merchant in the pilot episode, until her scenes were reshot with Clarke for the broadcast version.

  • You don’t notice it much in the show, but Emilia Clarke as extremely expressive eyebrows. Check out this video and see those things fly all over her face.
  • Daenerys’ name is derived from the Targaryen words Daene and Erysia, and roughly translated it means “side plot”.
  • If you feel that you shouldn’t be turned on by Daenerys as she’s so young, you can always watch this 45 second clip of her that’s an instant cold shower.

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