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Predicting Phase 2 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

A guide to what may or what not happen for Marvel’s next slate of movies. Which means it’s not really a guide but some bullshit article where I feed my ego thinking I’m good at this predicting the future thing.

Yep, we’re definitely f****ed

The dust has settled over the announcements at San Diego Comic Con 2012, where once again, Marvel Studios stole the show with their panel for Iron Man 3, which featured some exclusive footage, titles for the sequels of the The Avengers’ Big Three and… even some new movie announcements; namely the rather obscure Ant-Man and Guardians of The Galaxy movies. Well, Ant-Man’s doesn’t have a release date yet but man, I just wanna see it happen. Especially if it’s going to be Marvel’s first real pure comedy superhero flick with Edgar Wright directing. With a test reel already shot, I would think that Marvel’s just waiting for Edgar to finish “World’s End” with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost so they can get down to “Pym-ping” business. So let’s take a look at the other films! Speculating’s all the fun these days in the blogosphere so let me try to attempt to use whatever knowledge I may have acquired while reading comics to try and predict whatever will happen to the Phase 2 movies of Marvel Studios. Chronologically, so we begin with…

1.) Iron Man 3 (Expected Release Date: 3rd May 2013)

The gold to red ratio is proportionate to the amount of women i’ve bedded to the ones I haven’t.

Iron Man’s all blinged out celebrating the success of “The Avengers” with a suit that’s more gold than red. Also expect to see a new paint job for War Machine, who’s borrowed the look of Norman Osborn’s Iron Patriot from the comics. The story is expected to be based around the “Extremis” arc from the comics. Guy Pearce will be playing baddie Aldrich Killian and Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen, the scientist who develops the nano-virus that when injected into Tony Stark, allows him to be able to do super groovy things like basically having the Iron Man armour at his command at all times. Fun factoid, the “Extremis” virus is another attempt at recreating the Super Soldier Serum, which interfaces with the brain and allows the body to repair tissue quickly and by itself . And of course, there was the role of the previously unannounced Sir Ben Kingsley, who at SDCC was confirmed to be playing the ultimate arch rival of Iron Man, The Mandarin! Apparently he’ll be rocking a ponytail and looking all rock star like and creepily saying “There are no heroes.” Good for you, Sir Ben… good for you.

A huge part of the movie will involve Tony Stark tackling the realities of the post-Avengers world, which the footage at SDCC includes including a scene in which Happy Hogan resigns from his job as Stark’s bodyguard, claiming that he was embarrassed every time someone asked him about his job and that hopes Tony’s having fun with his bunch of “superfriends”. That’s what I’m excited about, to see how Tony handles the consequences of “The Avengers”. And Jon Favreau finally being able to just act as Happy would be cool, considering that Happy does turn into “The Freak” later in the comics. Judging from the comments made by both Shane Black and Kevin Feige so far, I’d expect some kind of a techno virus war waged between Tony and Killian + Mandarin that’ll have Tony beaten and desperate enough to test out the Extremis virus on himself. From the preview footage, Mandarin and Killian put Stark into some deep shit, destroying his posh Malibu pad and his Iron Man armoury to go with it. Other than that, I don’t think I can predict too much of Shane Black’s script… guy’s great at comedy and raising tension though and he did “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” with Robert Downey Jr. too. Great fit. Can’t wait to see more. Continue reading


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