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If Diablo 3 was a girl

This is hilarious, because it’s so true!


Balrog: Behind the Glory

I’m not a Street Fighter fan. I’m really not. I like Mortal Kombat, I like Dead or Alive, and I like Virtua Fighter. But not SF.

Classic Balrog!

But you know what, that videogame franchise sure does have a hell of a backstory (even if most of it involves a kungfu hobo who drifts around the world without any shoes on), and here’s a fanfilm that takes one of the classic characters and really elaborates on his history.

What’s so awesome about this video is the way it really looks like a documentary, with really good acting, and just when you think it’s too much like a real documentary, they have those little moments where they would slip in some Street Fighter references for gamers to chuckle over.

Check it out, it’s Balrog: Behind the Glory!

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Rock Band of the Future!

DX and I have an unabashed love for this guy named Freddie Wong, who pretty much makes all the insane and awesome videos we wished we could’ve made ourselves. I personally first noticed him as a crazy Guitar Hero player, and kinda hero-worshiped his skills for a bit. Now he’s making short films every week it seems, and they’re all pretty awesome.

Anyway, he just made a new one called Rock Band of the Future, and as usual it rocks hard.

Here’s a pic of Freddie during his Guitar Hero days.

The ajmazing Freddie Wong rocks Guitar Hero 2

An accurate portrayal of a relationship in a videogame

I’m too swamped with work to write something today, so here’s a video that Madhattersings found. 16 bit graphics and sound are so awesome!

Get your car washed by Slave Leia

When a guy goes to get his car washed by a bunch of girls in soapy bikinis, that’s sleazy.

But when a guy gets his car washed by a bunch of girls in soapy Slave Leia metal bikinis, then that’s awesome.

How come they don’t have fundraisers like this around here? It’s a Star Wars fan’s wet dream! Geddit, wet dream? Shit… bad pun…

DoTA better than sex?

I know, I know. All of you girls out there keep looking at the profiles pictures of our two studs DX and Alden, and you’re all like “ooooh those guys look hawt. I wonder what it’s like to get nasty with them?” Well, do remember that these two guys are major gamers, so things in the sack might not turn out the way it does in your fantasies.

Actually, Brad Farless recently Tweeted a picture that pretty much hints at what a night of passion with DX and Alden might resemble.

Am I a geek if my first thought was: "RTS without a mouse?"

In their defense, neither of them actually play DoTA, but it does give me a chance to put up this hilarious video of some Asian dude reviewing DoTA… or as his says it: “Defenz o de Asian”. Oh it’s hilarious!

I can imagine this guy whipping out his laptop during sex with his Taiwanese import wife, and when she’s all like: “Baby, what are you doing?” and he’ll be like: “Holy smock, bitch! I can be sexing you or I can play de DoTA… It don madda!”

Crazy Xbox-killing chicks

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for Sega.

These immortal words were spoken by Jason Lee in Mallrats, shortly after he was dumped by his girlfriend while he was playing NHL on his Sega Genesis. While that phrase might be a little bit out of date after the demise of Sega as a console maker, the warning is still valid because most girls HATE videogames.

Mess with a girl and you're going to find your Xbox nailed to a tree

Back in the day, when a girl breaks a guy’s videogame console, it’s because she plugged it into the wall socket without going through a power converter, or she forced a SNES cartridge into a Genesis. But that’s no longer the case, because Xbox-killing is the new crazy chick craze.

Case in point: there’s been a whole bunch of videos popping up on the Internet lately where a girl just goes ape-shit and trashes her boyfriend’s Xbox. It doesn’t matter that most of them are faked, because it’s something that most girls already want to do on instinct, and all these videos are going to make them think it’s okay or even cool to do it.

Smashing a guy’s Xbox is the new kick-in-the-balls, because while you can get sued for assaulting a guy’s genitals, there ain’t no jury out there who’s going to take pity on your mangled Xbox.

So bolt your Xboxes down to the table, or hide them somewhere safe… because those crazy Xbox-killing chicks are out there. I guess it’s a good thing that most gamers are too socially awkward to have a girlfriend in the first place. In their case, no-sex really is safe-sex.

As for me, I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have a wife who not only respects my gaming time, but was also kind enough to get me a new Xbox 360 when my old one broke down. Come to think of it, she paid for half of the first one too. But I’d worry about game-savvy girls even more, because while you might think that these girls are cool enough to respect your Xbox, they’re actually the ones who will make sure that your precious hard drive gets fucked up too.

And Playstation people? You’re not off the hook at all.

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