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Check out Mana Bar!

When I was last in Melbourne, my brother showed me this place in Fitzroy called Mana Bar. Just that name in itself is pretty cool, but I really liked the concept as well: a bar, like any other bar, except with videogames for you and your friends to play.

So I guess the World of Warcraft isn’t the only place for geeks to get together and hang out, after all!

Anyway, we didn’t go in or anything cos we were rushing off to a party, but it does look like a really nice casual place to hang out and all. Just check out this awesome dress code:

For more info about the place, check out their website. There’s a branch in Brisbane too, apparently.

There are a few places like this in Singapore, but they tend to be very family/teen-centric, right? As in, the strongest drink you’re going to get is a Red Bull… and it’s just hard to feel comfortable when there are snotty teenagers and slimy kids running around and tripping on cables. A more 18+ sort of place would be a lot more comfortable for older more mature people like me.

Hmmm… there’s an idea!

People having fun with games in mana bar

These people look like they’re having fun!


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