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The new Black Ops 2 trailer ROCKS!

Say what you will about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game, but this trailer by Guy Ritchie is absolutely rocking! It’s funny, it’s got a good concept, and did you see those cameos by Robert Downey Jr and Dimitri from FPSrussia?

Black Ops 2 is just around the corner!


And the Iron Man 3 trailer is finally here!

People went apeshit crazy when they found out that Jon Favreau wasn’t coming back for the third movie. But me, I was pretty excited because Shane Black was going to take the helm.

You don’t know Shane Black? He’s just the guy that wrote The Last Boy Scout, Long Kiss Good Night, The Last Action Hero and Lethal Weapon, that’s all! As a wannabe screenwriter, I hero-worship this guy!

And then he went on to direct Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and wow that was a pretty good movie.

So yeah, I am stoked about Iron Man 3. And I’m sure you will be too when you see this trailer.

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