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Review: Dead Trigger

I recently decided to ditch my iPhone and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S3, and the first game I downloaded was SongPop – which is exactly the same as the iPhone version, and I still lose all the time. Okay, that was an unimportant detail and you didn’t really care.

The next game I downloaded from the Google Play Store was a zombie FPS called Dead Trigger. It was high on the charts, it was free, so I thought “why not?”

I honestly didn’t expect it to be that good because I didn’t have good experiences with FPS games on the iPhone, so imagine my surprise when I found myself playing this game again and again.

Firstly, the graphics are so good, with detailed textures that look better than PS1 graphics, and I daresay it looks like PS2 graphics. Imagine that… a mobile game looking better than a console game. The zombies are varied enough not to look like you’re being attacked by one zombie in many different colored shirts, and the environments look pretty good too. Sure, the levels are a bit repetitive, but it’s a free game and it really doesn’t matter.

Most importantly, the controls are tight. By simulating a dual-stick setup with a “clickable area” on the right half of the screen for the trigger, you can get the accuracy you need to nail those headshots.

Like I said, I’ve been playing this game on a daily basis to earn more gold and cash to unlock new guns. I could buy it with real money, but it does seem like it’s not an impossible task to gradually unlock the guns without paying (unlike some other games out there).


  • Amazing graphics for a mobile game
  • Tight controls
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • It’s free!


  • Repetitive levels (not that big a deal)
  • Controls can sometimes fail you when you’re panicking


Jane Austen + Zombies = Win

I love zombie movies. My wife Jo loves Jane Austen. Put them together, and you’ve got something pretty special. So last year some dude named Seth Grahame-Smith write this book called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Basically, it was a re-telling of the classic Jane Austen tale, except that in this particular timeline, zombies are rising all over England and Elizabeth Bennet was a warrior-lady who can cut down zombies without blinking. Full of win? Indeed it was.

Much to Mr Darcy's delight, Elizabeth was very flexible

So much full of win that a graphic novel was then put together. It was the graphic novel that my wife and I found at the book store, so that was what we read. Now I never read the original Pride and Prejudice because that book was thick enough to stop bullets, but I sure as hell can read a graphic novel, because pretty pictures pwn. And it was crazy funny, and the artwork by Cliff Richards (not the singing dude) was really good (though it was a bit of a shame that all the Bennet sisters kinda look alike, but then again you can say the same about Andy Kubert’s artwork circa X-men (If it wasn’t for the hair, could you really tell Rogue and Storm apart?).

That outfit is reminiscent of Mature from King of Fighters

Well I guess my wife and I aren’t the only ones who totally dig this concept, because lo and behold, the book is now being made into a movie, produced and starring Natalie Portman. I can imagine that I’m not the only guy who will be clamoring to see Natalie Portman slay some zombies. There’s also a videogame on the iPhone based on the property. It’s a side-scrolling beat ’em up, and I haven’t played it or anything, but I read moderately positive feedback for it.

Slice like a ninja, cut like Victorian wit

Anyway, do check out the comic if you can. It’s hilarious!

Splatterhouse lives!

Gametrailers just put out a new extended trailer of their upcoming Splatterhouse game (since it’s just called Splatterhouse, I’m guessing it’s a remake and not a sequel). I don’t know if you guys remember, but Splatterhouse was an arcade game back in the 80’s, and it was gory as hell. I remember seeing it at some shoddy arcade, and seeing the demo of a dude in a hockey mask with a plank of wood splattering zombies against the wall. I forgot all about the game (this was before the Internet) but then I remembered again when I picked up Splatterhouse 2 on the Sega Genesis, and then again when I leeched the Splatterhouse 3 ROM for a Genesis emulator. After that, I think the franchise just sorta went into hibernation.

And now, they’re remaking it for a new generation of violence-obsessed kids! This trailer is actually kinda blargh because there’s no blood and the slo-mo gets really boring after a while… but I do appreciate the animation. Your character moves really well and it looks sweet. Then towards the end of the video, shit hits the fan and you see some real gameplay footage, and it looks pretty interesting.

Anyway, the game was all about high difficulty levels and extreme gore. Zombies had skin like cheap condoms and would explode the moment you touched them, so there was green goo flying around everywhere. The zombie designs in the new trailer look very similar to the old school stuff, but will it be anywhere as gory and classic as the original?

Buff white guy in cut-off jeans? It's like an albino Hulk!

Check out this sample footage of the original arcade game below. Make sure you watch up to the bit where he picks up the plank and starts swinging zombies into the wall! That’s exactly one minute into the video.

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